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Spectra Precision GL522

Spectra Precision GL522 i gruppen Begagnade Instrument hos Bygglaserteknik (Beggl522)
Spectra Precision GL522
10600 kr
1000 st
Spectra Precision

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Engelsk spec:
  • Automatic electronic self-leveling provides fast, easy horizontal level, grade, and vertical plumb setup
  • Large compensated grade range from -10% to +15%
  • Quick setups with the 2-way radio remote control, and single and dual grade application capability
  • Electronic Leveling Vibration Filter dampens vibrations typically experienced on tall tripods, in high winds, or on high vibration jobsites
  • No rework due to automatic temperature and grade compensation
  • Grade Match displays the existing grade over unknown ground and eliminates time consuming and error prone calculations, time spent searching for grade plans, and over excavating
  • PlaneLok automatically locks on to an existing elevation or vertical alignment point which eliminates all drift or possibility of error due to improper calibration or weather
  • Very rugged with low service costs; takes a 1 m (3 ft) drop on concrete
  • Mask mode eliminates interference with other crews on the jobsite


  • General construction leveling such as forms, footers and pads
  • Precision placement of concrete for critical specification surfaces over long distance and with laser controlled screeds (Automatic PlaneLok)
  • Drift free general construction vertical alignment and plumb for anchor bolt installation, plus form, tilt up and curtain wall plumbing (Automatic PlaneLok)
  • General construction grading and excavating
  • Steep slope road embankments and ditch banks
  • Sports fields, driveways, ramps and drainage

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